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Paediatric First Aid

Essential information to help you deal with an unexpected emergency.  The manual covers everything from dealing with minor and major injuries to resuscitation for infants and children

First Aid can be one of the most important and vital skills you EVER need to know (but hopefully you never need to use it)


First aid is the immediate care given to an injured person, or someone who has become ill prior to qualified medical assistance arrives

4 different guides to get the MOST out of your manuals:

 #1 PDF

196 page PDF Manual

Download straight to your device - It's a versatile PDF file which gives you an easy, reliable way to use your manual on or offline

#2 Flipchart

Online Virual Flip-book

Our virtual flip-book option allows you to display all the manual simultaneously. Ideal to project onto main screens for everyone to view.

(please note internet connection is required to access your flip-book)

#3 hypnotic

 hypnotic transactions presentation

Our amazing software has created a hypotonic transaction presentation.  Research has found that hypnosis can calm brain regions that help control autonomic functions like heart rate, blood flow, and breathing.

(please note internet connection is required to access your transactions)

#4 Mockup

mockup skins presentation

A mockup in a full-size model is perfect for use for presentations or other purposes and loop videos.

(please note internet connection is required to access your mockup skins)

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